10 DIY Gabion Projects

The Gabion House has been one of our all-time most popular posts.  Therefore, we thought you would appreciate this wonderful graphic regarding 10 gabion projects that you can do yourself while at home. (Thanks to wirefence.co.uk for providing this graphic.)

For those who are new to Gabions, they are simply rocks or concrete enclosed in steel mesh to serve as a cage of sorts.  You have surely seen them in parks to serve as walls or even benches, alongside roadways to prevent erosion, or simply as decorative outdoor features used in landscaping as you can fill them with a variety of different colors and interesting shapes.

Why are they so popular?  The typical life span of a gabion wall is 50-100 years. While you can most definitely build a gabion yourself and have a great deal of flexibility in doing so, they are not always the least expensive, as the average cost is around $35/cubic yard for standard-gauge galvanized mesh and the industry standard is three foot increments, according to Gabion Basket.

Gabions can be a great solution due to the aesthetic they can provide and their longevity.  However, they are not always the best solution for every home due to their size.  Generally speaking, you may not want to plan on a gabion wall in a small back yard.  However, one of the features we most like is how creative you can be with gabions.  They are also a great way to upcycle materials like concrete, glass, etc., as an alternative to the landfill.