$12 Storage Containers

Strong Box StorageWith Spring right around the corner, I was starting to get a bit of cabin fever. Since we recently moved into our home, there was still some organizing that needed done. I needed to get my shop more organized so that Ill be ready for upcoming Spring projects.
While shopping around Home Depot the other day I found some very cost effective Homestead storage bins. I heard about these on another site, but didn’t think there would be any left. They are manufactured by Best Plastics and only sold through Home Depot. They are called the Strong Box.  They came in at just under $12 each.
I promise you for what they are, they are very durable. I tested them out, loaded them, dropped them from the top shelf, stacked them, strapped them, etc. I even sprayed them with water. Although they ARE NOT waterproof, no water entered during the water test. I am impressed at the amount of space you get for $12. The 27 gallons of capacity works great and makes them very manageable. They stack nicely and actually lock into each other. You can even mount them lid to lid and they stack lock. They have 3 slits on each side so you can run straps through and tighten them down. They claim to be able to load up to 750lbs. I did NOT test this, and honestly, I kinda doubt it. It may hold it, but would warp out of shape so bad that you wouldn’t be able to move it. I did load one half full with ammo. It was super heavy, and more than you would want to load into them, especially climbing a ladder. It held together just fine.
This lids have a grid design that really helps with sturdiness. The bottom and walls of the container are designed with similar grids to help strengthen the unit.
If you are in the market for cost effective storage containers, these are it!
Here are a few more pics:
img_4450 img_4448 img_4454