$13 Compost Bin from Trash Cans

Trash Can Compost BinsUpon arriving at our new homestead I needed to build new compost bins. The ultimate cheap compost bin I built at our last homestead worked great, but I wanted something a little more contained and easy. I went down to our nearest Home Depot and found these trash cans on sale for $13, including the lid!
So here is what I did:
Step One-Drilling Holes
I took a drill and drilled a lot of holes randomly all over the the cans, no more than 6-8 inches apart. I also took a 3/4 inch bit and drilled larger holes just under the lid to increase air flow. I drilled about 5-6 of the larger holes around.
Step Two: Drainage for the Bottoms
Since I had two separate trash cans I chose to go two separate routes. The first one I drilled several 3/4 inch holes and smaller holes around the bottom. The other can I chose to saw out 50% of the bottom of the trash can. The reason for this is that I heard that the composting process works better if it is contact with the ground. There is no exact method for this, just do what appears to work for you. Just make sure there are enough holes for drainage and air circulation.
Step Three- Setting them up
Setting up Trash Cans
Since I had two different designs, I set them up differently. The one with the smaller holes and setup with drainage, I set that up on bricks. This helps with the air circulation.
The can with the bottom cut out (pictured above) was set directly on the ground. Not sure which one will work out better, but I believe both will work out just fine.
Thats it. Super simple! Took about 15 minutes and I have my $13 compost bins!