A Fukuoka Inspired Permaculture Garden Pt3

www.permacultureplanet.com Emilia Hazelip (1938 – February 1, 2003) was an organic Permaculture gardener who was born in Spain and began gardening seriously in the late ’60s. A former Merry Prankster and pioneer of the concept of synergistic gardening, her farming methods were inspired by the work of Masanobu Fukuoka. Where Fukuoka focused most of his attention on orchards and the rice crop rotation, Emilia Hazelip focused on creating and maintaining market gardens of vegetables and herbs. Emilia Hazelip, who introduced the concept of permaculture to France over a decade ago, drew on many sources as she continued to develop gardens. The work of Permaculturist Marc Bonfils with self-fertile cereal production and the microbiological research of Alan Smith and Elaine Ingham are frequently mentioned. To see more videos by the maker of this film and for contact information on how to purchase a high quality full length version (SVHS) on DVD please visit: www.youtube.com A French language version of this video can be found on Youtube here : www.youtube.com For More Information on the Global Permaculture Movement Please Visit: www.permacultureplanet.com Pour voir plus de vidéos par le producteur de ce film et pour des informations de contact sur la façon d’acheter une haute qualité de version complète (S-VHS) sur DVD, s’il vous plaît visitez www.youtube.com La version Francaise de ce clip se trouve sur Youtube ici : www.youtube.com Pour plus d’information sur le Mouvement mondial