Alternate Energy 4, solar, crisis peak oil off grid gas 2012

In this short video series we will explore the basics of setting up an alternate energy system. What each component does, how it functions and it’s place in an off grid system. Designed specifically for the homesteader or survivalist, this video is designed to help get you started on your road to energy independence! The system shown runs a house approximately 1500 sq. feet plus intermittant lighting and tool use on a couple of outbuildings. The house uses LP gas for water heater and cook stove. Everything else except AC is ran off this system. Total cost of the system show was under $20K with the bulk of it purchased in 1998 and 1999. Batteries have been replaced one time at the cost of $3K for the changeout of 20 batteries. No matter what your preparing for: nuclear war, terrorism, economic collapse, market crash, food shortages, famine, etc. Having a working Alternate energy system can help greatly around your homestead or survival retreat. There is one section of one of the videos that has poor lighting, this could not be helped. If your looking for Spielberg cinematography, you came to the wrong place! We know the lighting is bad in that part, no need for immature comments regarding this. If you don’t like, don’t watch! tags- survival, survivalist, survival retreat, homesteading, preparedness, prepare, terrorism, war, EMP, nuclear, obama, 911, alex jones, alternate energy, solar power, wind power, micro hydro