Alternate Energy Part 5, peak oil, food storage, survivalist

Part 5 in our series showing some Alternate energy systems. This 2 part set shows a VERY INEXPENSIVE (as far as AE goes) alternate energy setup that’s used at a hunting camp. If you already have a generator you have a power source and can build a small system like this cheaply and effectively. This becomes a great STARTING POINT for a larger off grid alternate energy system that can be done a little at a time as finances permit. tags- solar, wind, micro hydro, pickens plan, alternate energy, off grid, homesteading, survival, self- reliance, self- sufficiency, preparedness, survivalist, alex jones, 911, prepare for terrorism, war, hurricane hurricanes energy shortage, fuel shortage, peak oil, economic collapse, crash, dow, market, aig, bear stearns, ron paul, anything else that will bring in people 🙂