Bread Cycle Works is a community arts and educational project created by artist in residence at Billings Forge Center for Community Ted Efremoff with the collaboration of artists Emcee CM, James Holland and Rebecca Parker, Grow Hartford urban farmer Rodger Phillips, and bicycle enthusiast Alexander Hill. The project begins with the celebratory act of planting wheat that is then harvested into breads. Every step along the way is divided with acts of celebration. Green technologies such as a bike powered plow, a bike powered thresher and mill were used and could be adopted by other small-scale farmers potentially throughout the US. A bike powered clay oven is in development. All the plowing, planting, harvesting, threshing and baking of bread has been adapted for the contemporary times from the ancient way these activities were done. Hartford’s Frog Hollow community members of all ages have assisted in all stages of the project.