Bread Tails, Yuck! Homemade Breadcrumbs, Yum!

Loaf of Bread Normally I am not a wasteful person. But a man has to draw the line somewhere! I hate eating the tail ends from a loaf of bread. My wife is always on me about that. I refuse to eat them. “Give them to the kids!” I plead!
So my wife went on a mission to find a way to keep them out of the garbage. I think its a great idea! She let them sit out for a while and then threw them into her food processor. Out came bread crumbs that she added to her can of existing bread crumbs. She says you can use a blender as well.
Bread crumbs can be used on chicken or pork, extending meat loaf, my wife’s famous egg plant parmeson, or even fried green tomatoes!
There you have it, I was saved! No more bread tails for me, EVER! Thank you honey, you are the best!