Case Tractor 444, 446, 448

Case Lawn Tractor 444, 446, 448 homestead self reliance universityI can not say enough about these little tractors. Ours is the Case 448 Garden Tractor. With the hydraulic system, a rear PTO valve can be installed which runs a multitude of attachments (factory tiller, wood splitter and wood chipper) along with just about any other hydraulically operated contraption you could dream up.
They are great for little jobs around our place. From taking the trash to the end of the drive to pulling a trailer full of firewood up to the house. We have used ours for everything. I has a 3 point attachment setup in the back. You can find lots of different attachments for them. We have the plow and mower attachments. They both do their job rather well. Check out the Case Tractor club on Yahoo. You will find loads of info. This site is what convinced me to buy one. I wish they still made them.  I can’t wait to find more jobs for this tractor and see what else I can make it do. Check them out and let me know what you think of them!