This video shares how to handle a hen that is brooding, meaning she wants to sit on the eggs and about has a nervous breakdown, when the eggs are being removed. Also how to sort eggs, so you can tell the difference between a future hen or rooster. How a chicken takes a bath, and how to get rid of mites on your chickens. HOw to introduce a new chicken to chicken hen cluck circle. How to make a chicken run with 3/4 inch PVP pipe. How many eggs Americauna and Bardrocks lay on an average. The cost of raising 6 chickens per month. Composting chicken manure and weeds. How dogs even though raised with chickens can attack without warning. How to stop your hens from pecking eachother.Look inside of a chicken coop and set up….nesting boxes and what size of roost do you need for your chickens. It isn’t necessary to have a rooster in order for your hens to lay eggs.