Christian Bale – Godmoney (1992) – part 1/2

This video contains the first 17 minutes of “Godmoney”‘s original version (1992), starring Christian Bale in the role of Nathan. During filming, director Darren Doane ran out of cash and the project was abandoned. The final version of the movie was shot in 1997 and the role of Nathan went to Rick Rodney. “Godmoney” is a story of urban survival and set in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Nathan leaves New York and tries to leave his past of crime, drug addiction and life on the streets behind. Once in California he tries to put his life together, but is befriended by Matthew, a small time dealer who recruits Nathan to work for him. Nathan’s life is turned upside down when Matthew offers him twenty thousand dollars to kill a rival dealer. Nathan must decide if everyone, including himself, has a price.