Close Quarter Gun Fight

As you can see below close quarter gun fights are a real thing and you only have seconds to make a decision. Literally one second can change the outcome of a gun fight. Below are some tips to keep yourself safe during a gun fight. There is a huge difference in being a gun shooter and gun “Fighter”. Very often you become a gun fighter, meaning you are so close that you are physically fighting the threat at the same time you are trying to draw your weapon. Close up gun
Tips that get you thinking:

  • Distance is your friend
  • Draw your weapon but keep it close to your side, don’t extend you arm as if you have all the distance.
  • Shoot from the “armpit area” until you are able to step back and get distance
  • Stand behind obstacles if possible. If you are standing in a doorway, step off to the side so you have partial cover
  • Its totally normal to want to stick the gun out and as close to the assailant as possible, don’t!


Below is the video showing 3 guys stopping the garage from closing and trying to rob a couple at their home.