Concerned About the Quality of Your Drinking Water? You Should Be

pouring-water-in-glass-thumb2801669The Associated Press reported early October, 2009, that when Health Officials tested the quality of drinking water in public schools across the country, almost every school scored positive for the presence of heavy metals (lead), pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, nitrates, bacteria and other toxins. Contaminated water supplies showed up in all 50 states, big cities and small towns, almost without exception.
It has also been reported that more than 41 million Americans in 24 major cities have been drinking water laced with a cocktail of prescription drugs. Officials in Philadelphia alone discovered 56 pharmaceuticals or drug byproducts in their treated drinking water, including medications for pain, infection, high cholesterol, epilepsy, asthma, heart problems and mental illness.
Tainted water has become a silent epidemic, with entire populations, perhaps millions of Americans, drinking their way into long-term negative health effects as a result. World wide, 3.575 million people die each year from water-related diseases, according to A landlord who rents out an apartment that contains lead paint can go to jail, yet nothing is being done by our public officials about lead, drugs and other toxins in our drinking water, which affect us all.
Can and should we really depend on the current government to provide us with one of our most basic necessities – pure water? — Only if you want to be at the mercy of a system which has repeatedly failed the people in favor of catering to large corporate and financial interests.
Where anarchists may rebel by conspiring to blow up a building or power plant to make a point, the most effective way for an individual to take a stand against a corrupt or inefficient system is through self-reliance. Unplug, and provide for yourself. One household, one neighborhood, one community at a time.
If enough individuals unplug, the system must change, or risk being made redundant. Unplugging requires accepting personal responsibility for providing you and your family with one of life’s most basic requirements – water.
“How do I secure my personal water supply”, you may ask?
The premier product on the market today for guaranteeing an independent water supply is the atmospheric water generator. This new technology condenses the humidity in the air into pure drinking water. No water source is needed. Just plug the water condenser in and it produces up to seven gallons of pure, clean drinking water every day – from the air. The water machine shuts off automatically when the reservoir is full so it is constantly replenishing itself.
Alternatively, a low cost and simple clean water solution is a counter top or under counter water purifier, which will filter tap water, well water or any other water source, to remove 99.99% of contaminates. There are easy how-to guides on making your own inexpensive water filter system at home.
The next step up would be a whole house system that can be attached to the incoming water pipe from the source so the entire household water supply is purified. You will really appreciate this system when you shower.
An additional bonus would be alkaline or ionized water and structured water options, which could be attached to pipes, be under the counter or counter top units. There are reports of some amazing health benefits associated with ionized and structured water consumption.
Other than municipal water supplies, well water is a good reliable water source, depending on the location and circumstances, although it should still be filtered.
Any house with a roof can be set up for rain water harvesting with a good catch and cistern storage system. Rain catch will provide a reoccurring water supply, depending on the weather. Make sure to filter stored water as well.
They best choice would be a home running on a solar electric power system, along with an atmospheric water generator. This would provide a constant source of energy and a reliable supply of water regardless of what happens on the grid.
This water and power combo is ideal for the most secure form of urban survival preparedness one may desire. With a supply of stored food and seeds to grow a backyard garden for the coming season, the basic necessities of life can be provided for – without government involvement or control – for an indefinite period of time.
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Jodie Slack is an independent ‘Truth Seeker’. Her focus is on eco friendly solutions to achieving Sustainable Green Living. If everyone accepts personal responsibility for themselves and their family’s most basic necessities – water, power and food independence, we can change this world for the better. Do your part. Go Green!