Don't let your guard down and rotate your water stores

Even if the media says we’re coming out of the recession and even if real jobs are created without being faked with government numbers, it’s just a temporary glitch on an otherwise nasty downtrend. Use that glitch to put away money, pay down debt, and aquire the assets that you’ll need when things get bad. The hillbilly housewife ( ) is a great source for ideas on how to live more frugally. I also highly recommend the survival podcast. One of my subscribers recomended it to me but I can’t remember who it was. Might have been julzbo. Anyway i’m addicted now. The podcast gives great advice on how to move yourself into a prepper lifestyle without panicking or killing yourself with extreme overspending. I keep 30 or 40 episodes in my cell phone and listen to them over my headset during lunch at work and while commuting. His motto is “live a better life if times get tough, or even if they don’t”.