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hen-houses.net The generalist breeds used in barnyards the world over are adaptable utility birds good at producing both meat and eggs. Though some may be slightly better for one of these purposes, they are usually called dual-purpose breeds. http www.facebook.com Best Chicken Breeds for Beginners | Chicken Breed Reviews for … Sometime called the “classic backyard chicken”, dual-purpose breeds seem to come … This is understandable since many dual purpose chickens have astounding … Chickens, Bantams, Chicken Hatching Eggs – Perfect Poultry, UK Wyandottes are good dual/general purpose birds that weigh six to eight and half pounds. They are birds of curves with attractive colour patterns. Hens ~ lay … Utility Chickens : Plymouth Rock : old dual purpose birds Information; history; genetics and pictures about Plymouth rock hens. Dual Purpose Chicken Breeds There are a number of different types of chicken, including egg laying breeds, meat breeds, show or fancy breeds, and dual purpose breeds.