East Texas Farm Land

Texas is the fastest growing state in the Union. The cities of Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Austin are growing at a record setting pace, but many of those who are choosing to relocate to Texas are looking for a getaway from urban living. The counties of West Texas and north Texas have seen their share of growth and the land prices reflect that. If you’re looking for a bargain, then your best bet is to look for East Texas farm land for sale at low prices.

East Texas farm land offers more than just bargain prices, though. The beauty of East Texas lies in wide open spaces, rolling hills and expansive skies overhead. The rural counties of East Dallas have yet to experience the big boom of residential and commercial development that sends farm land prices skyrocketing and brings the hustle and bustle of the city closer.

If you are looking for farm land for sale because you value the beauty of natural wildlife, the peace of Mother Nature and the wide open spaces that reinforce feelings of personal freedom, then this is the time to buy. As more and more people relocate to Texas, the urban sprawl will begin to encroach on the stunning beauty of the land, and drive prices for farm and ranch land up.

Towns like Tyler, Bullard, Troup and Jacksonville still offer excellent relocation value, Current prices for East Texas farm land are as low as $1,000 an acre, with a high of about $5,000 an acre. These low prices aren’t likely to last long. As Baby Boomers and their children leave the big cities to retire in the beauty and space of the wide open hills and prairies, farm land will rise in price with the increased demand.

According to a research economist at Texas A&M this has already started to happen. The price of East Texas farm land increased by nearly 35% between 1992 and 1997. More recently, West Texas farm land rose 15% in one year, up to an average of $1,900 per acre in 2006.

Why Buy East Texas Farm Land for Sale?

Today’s typical East Texas land buyer isn’t your usual rancher looking for land to farm or raise animals. Instead, the baby boomer generation is looking to East Texas farm land for its aesthetic appeal and its leisure potential. Hunting, fishing, boating and other outdoor pursuits rank high on the list of motivation for buying farm land in East Texas.

If your intent is to buy farm land for agricultural purposes there are some suggestions that will help you find the right farm land for sale.

– Location

If you’re planning to farm your land and support yourself with direct market sales, then you need to be within range of a city of about 25,000 people. In East Texas, some of the counties to consider are Tyler, Washington and Wood County, where you can still find excellent quality farm land at low prices.

– Ground Water

If your land isn’t already piped for water or have a well, you may have to dig one of your own, which can be a major expense. In North and West Texas, you may have to dig far deeper than 750 feet to reach water. In East Texas, the average depth for a well is only 250 feet.

East Texas Facts

East Texas is a distinct region of Texas that extends from Red River to Limestone County and southwestward to Galveston Bay. It is comprised of either all or part of 49 separate counties. It has a population of about six million over an area of 40,000 miles.

By contrast, the city of Houston, once considered part of East Texas, has a population of 5.5 million people concentrated in a little more than 600 square miles. East Texas still has the things that made Texas famous: miles and miles of wide open spaces with room to stretch and grow.

Whether you’re looking for a little piece of Texas to be your retirement getaway, or are seeking East Texas farm land for investment purposes, a local realtor or buyer’s agent may be the best way for you to find just the farm land you’re seeking.

There are thousands and thousands of acres of East Texas farm land for sale, both with and without structures, and finding just the right farm for sale can be a daunting task without the help of an experienced agent who knows where to find the best parcels of land for sale.

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