Economic collapse worst case scenario preparation

1 Survival will be tribal – community will be extremely important for collapse survival 2 Learn to live off grid – learn how to survive and flourish without supermarkets, and utilities companies providing us with our necessities 3 Store more – Store medical supplies, food, etc. 4 Extreme hygiene – learn how to keep your living quarters and surrounding area sanitized 5 Health is wealth – learn basic nutrition, body alignment/posture exercises, preventative medicine, and gentle exercise that enhances health. 6 Appliance reliance – store solar and wind up appliance like lanterns, radios, etc. And learn alternatives to washing machines, showers, etc that don’t rely on utilities companies. 7 Security story – learn basic self protection (mental and physical), and strategies for protecting your community. 8 Your fate may be to relocate – purchase camping equipment, and have locations and/or communties that you are ready to travel to should the need arise. Also you may need to become nomadic to survive and flourish post collapse, or simply squat in abandonded buildings – so it’s best to have the equipment that will make that lifestyle comfortable. 9 Take care of your wear – buy durable clothes, I recommend camping gear. Economic collapse worst case scenario dramatization (based on a virus outbreak) Essential knowledge for preparation – Cody Lundin The patriot nurse’s channel Watuwaitn4’s channel