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www.LocalAdBus.myefoods.com eFoods Global – Prepare for hyperinflation, natural disasters & emergencies! eFoods Global offers a smart and easy food storage solution for uncertain times. Consider the upcoming currency crisis. With many trillions of newly printed dollars, chasing too few goods being sold at artificially low prices, Americans are very likely to face empty store shelves. They are likely to dump their dollars before they become worthless. This company is in prelaunch and is scheduled to launch in October 2010. You can pre-enroll for free now and take a founding position. As a way to introduce their food to everyone, Sundance Global is offering $15 of FREE FOOD for only the $5.95 cost of shipping and handling. Hurry though,.. this offer is for a limited time. Visit http to see the Local Ad Business, LLC site and to ENROLL TODAY! The CEO/Founder is Steve Shenk, owner of eFoodsDirect for the past 6 years. Steve has personally been in the food industry for the last 25 years. This company specializes in preparing gourmet healthy foods in a way that you can store it for up to 15 years. eFoods Global is a new marketing arm for eFoods Direct and will help explode the company’s sales. With the current turmoil seen here in the US in addition to the natural disasters happening more often, I can’t think of a better time to introduce such a quality food reserve solution. Having an adequate supply of good food for emergencies is critical in these turbulent times. Our