Eglu-An Instant Chicken Coop

egluI thought this was a nifty product for urban homesteaders. The Eglu is an easy to setup chicken coop that can house 4 medium sized chickens or 6 bantams. The eglu features Twin wall insulation, draft free ventilation, perching bars, a nesting box, and plenty of trays that make it easy to clean and easy to collect eggs. Choose from 5 colors of 100% recycled plastic.
I personally like that its built from recycled plastic and the double wall helps for those cold Colorado days. It appears to be very easy to wash out as well. Another great feature is the mobility of it. This will help keep yard insects under control by moving it around.
eglu2 eglu3
Now if you are looking for something a little more beefy, check out the Eglu Cube Chicken House. Come with 13 guage mesh and wheels to help move it around the yard:
Available Via Omlet