Emergency Radio

midland-emergency-radioSince our new homestead is in the famed tornado alley, the first piece of gear we bought was a Midland emergency radio. The specific radio we chose was a Midland WR-100c. Once we had our county and surrounding counties programmed into it , it just sits there quietly monitoring for any emergency broadcasts. Once it picks it up and sounds off an alarm and announces the emergency. Its a great little radio and proved valuable within the first 72 hours we got it. The alarm went off and our family gathered around to hear what was going on. Severe storm advisory was announced and several areas reporting hail!  Uh-oh, better get our vehicles in the garage.  Glad we did, within 15 minutes we had severe winds and rain. No hail luckily, but the little radio proved its worth! I advise any homesteader to grab one of these. For the price, its deffinatly worth it.