End of the World Fortress

I just finished a conversation with a friend that I found disturbing and thought I would share.
Due to the economy he has decided to purchase land and build a bunker. He stated he wanted to be like me. Just for the record, we are not “bunker” people! We are prepared homesteaders, there is a difference. We have our gardens, food storage, water storage, etc. We do live in a populated area. I do not agree with the idea of “heading for the hills” when the economy goes bad. This is just not realistic. It is better to have a home that you live in everyday. Your neighbors can help keep an eye on things. If you build something in the middle of nowhere you will most likely loose it. If you research the economic collapse in Argentina you will see where I am coming from. The small villages and farms were the first to be destroyed. It’s just too much to defend.
Anyway, again this is not how I think. Being a “prepper” in my opinion is not building a fortress of defense. This just makes you a target. The key is to look like every other broke person on the street, but be well stocked at home. Just a thought
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