i know that many of invited us to come up with you and you are all incredible….we have found a place…..theres another as a back up spot….but this is for all of you who ask we what type of place i should go…well first you need water food and shelter but then you must be able to stay warm in the winter…i also dont like showing off guns and supplies so i just showed you the bins and the barn/garage….but we are safe and well prepared….plus an extra trailer…we also have a well that can be run from a generator and plenty of fresh water and storage,,, so folks you need to get into small tribal units maybe you dont have land but you can build…i know we have a mechanic an electrician and a carpenter…plus two computer repair and program folks….so we can meet our future needs to keep out vehicles and equipment in order…….so again we love you all and you know who you are who offered us a place in your families….love and respect to you all and i will see you all in a few days….