Food Shortages Coming, Buy Commodities: Jim Rogers

First of all, Homestead Basics is NOT a financial adviser. I am merely showing this article as something to think about in a preparedness sense. I really do not care about the commodities market, but this “FOOD SHORTAGES COMING” part really caught my eye! It is very important to note that analyst are saying that a food shortage is certain to happen in the near future. This is critical! Make sure you go to our food storage, gardening, how-to, and equipment links to make sure you are prepared. This is not to scare anyone, just to get you thinking about it NOW!
Heres the interview:

The financial crisis is likely to lead to food shortages in a few years because the agriculture sector is in dire need of funds, legendary investor Jim Rogers told CNBC Friday.
Buying distressed commodities is a better way to make money than investing in stocks, according to Rogers.
“The fundamentals (for agriculture) have gotten better,” he said. “The inventories are now at the lowest they’ve been in decades, not in years.”
“Sometimes in the next few years we’re going to have very serious shortages of food everywhere in the world and prices are going to go through the roof.”
Cotton and coffee are good buys because they are very distressed, while sugar, despite the fact that it has gone up a lot, is still down 70 percent from its all-time high, according to Rogers.
“I don’t think that the problems of the world are behind us yet,” he said.
Investors shouldn’t bother with stocks because commodities are likely to win in both the optimistic and the pessimistic scenario, Rogers said.
GET PREPARED! You never know!