Homestead Basics – Food Storage

Food Storage Jars Food storage is an important part of any home. You never know when the weather might go bad, or you loose a job. Don’t forget about the self sufficiency aspect that takes a load off your shoulders knowing your family can eat for 3, 6, or 12 months without assistance from anyone else. I personally have about 8 months worth of food storage and 2 weeks water storage. Since we moved I havent had a chance to resupply our water. I had 6 months of water before the move. Ill show you my water storage project in a later post. I searched the internet to find a site that covered it all simply, yet thoroughly. I really like how the girls at Food Storage Made Easy did it. Here is some beginning tips:

Prepare Your Space:

  • Find the coolest place in your home.
  • Clean your space out well so you wont be overwhelmed by a crowded dirty area.
  • See BabyStep 1 for shelving information.

Determine Your Budget:

  • Determine how much per month you can spend.
  • Eventually your grocery budget should just include food storage within it, however when you’re starting from scratch you may need to invest a little more upfront.
  • It is not wise to go into debt for food storage, so be prepared to be thrifty and think smartly.

Make a Plan:

  • Browse through the first few BabySteps to determine your initial start-up plan.
  • Be careful not to think too far ahead or you’ll never get started.
  • We recommend getting a partner do to this with. It gives yourself some accountability.
  • GIVE YOURSELF DEADLINES! (and maybe even rewards like chocolate cake for accomplishing each step)

Be sure to visit their site for ALOT more info on the subject of food storage: Food Storage Made Easy!