Fruitwise guide to pruning apple trees-part 1

Stephen Hayes of Fruitwise Heritage Apples offers a series of video tutorials on pruning of apple trees. I do not claim to be an ‘expert’, I have learned about pruning from reading every book I could find and studying the trees themselves. See my web site on for more about our orchard and apples. The pruning method I use is a mixture of renewal and a version of the Lorette style and a few other styles, but above all is based on an understanding of how the trees grow and perform from year to year which I have gained from pruning my trees, winter and summer, since we planted our first orchard of 250 fruit trees in 1992. These are not professional videos, and I had a sniffly cold, I hope they are of some use-if not, show me how to do it better! Kind regards to all-and remember, the biggest mistake people make about apple trees is not to grow one.