GrainMaker- The Hand-Crafted Grain Mill

GrainMaker is based out of Montana and builds one of the best quality grain mills that I have ever had the privileged to use. Their mill is designed to make  quick work of grinding grains of all types.


They are designed to outlast YOU! I love this product! Every part of the mill including the body, handle, hopper, stainless steel GrainBreaker auger and high quality alloy grinding burrs are made  on-site, so they know they can guarantee the quality. Many of the GrainMaker’s parts are machined from solid material, including the dust cover, adjustment knob, main shaft and GrainBreaker auger.
The GrainMaker mill is easy to assemble and take apart. Simply turn the adjustment knob counter-clockwise to remove it, remove the front burr, lift off the dust cover and remove it, turn the stationary burr clockwise about 15° to remove, and pull out the stainless steel GrainBreaker auger. That’s it! Reverse the order and attach the handle to assemble.

grain-maker-partsI promise, this is the last one you will ever have to buy! Here is a quick video demonstrating it:

We are proud to announce that GrainMaker will be attending the upcoming Self Reliance Expo! So swing by their booth and get your hands on one!