Healthy Boundaries

16 Jan 2010- the lesson for this term of Tonga University is “good fences make good neighbors”. In our neighborhood, some people keep pigs. its an easy way to turn garbage and random biomass into food. The law in Tonga is that “urban farming” is fine but ya gotta keep yer pigs in yer own yard. However, the PRACTICE in Tonga is that it’s a lot easier to just let yer pigs run loose cause then they do most of the work of getting themselves fed. And since everyone does it, it’s considered bad form to complain or turn anyone in. Thus if anyone wants to grow plants, or not have pigpoo all over their yard, it is that individuals choice to make a pig proof fence. Pigs are persistent, like water finding it’s way around a dam. Today we celebrate the tentative success of no pigs in the yard for over 3 days by initiating a compost pile!