Homemade Ice Cream in Five Minutes

5-minute-ice-creamIts dead winter, but it is always a good time for ice cream! I find that we carry less ice cream in the freezer during winter months, but there are those cravings that come along. Luckily a quick google search found some cool recipes for homemade ice cream. One of the ones I really liked was from the DIY website Instructables. So all you need is a few minutes prep time, a few simple ingredients( frozen fruit, sugar, vanilla, and heavy cream), a blender or food processor and WHAM! you got some delicious homemade ice cream! If you want good consistency after making it, you will need to throw it in the freezer for a bit. This obviously takes more than five minutes, but it does taste better that way, IMHO.
Five Minute Ice Cream [Instructables]