How To Build a Rolling Composter for CHEAP

This is an update of THE cheapest rolling composter ever. Get usable compost in 4 months instead of a year! Take a food grade barrel with a removable lid, drill holes in the sides and bottom, and start composting. It’s easy to use, just add 50% brown (dry) and 50% green (wet) organic matter and roll it a few times a week. Don’t fill it over 75% and it’ll never be to heavy to handle. Though not as good as worm composters, rolling, or tumbling composters are the fastest way to turn lawn clippings, food scraps, plant matter, leaves and twigs into black, organic, inert compost. Biointensive, or square-foot gardening requires at least one if not several composters. That way the external input will be minimized leading toward greater self-sufficiency. Which is another excellent use for rolling composters. Forget bins and files, they take way too long-usually over a year. And you have to “turn” the organic matter with a pitch fork or shovel. With a rolling composter, you can cut that time down to 3-4 months. Rolling composters are especially good in urban survival situations, or bugging in. The compliment rain barrels perfectly. Turn that lawn in a prize-winning Victory garden with a rolling compost tumbler and a rainbarrel!