How to garden: Starting a Vegetable Garden Starting a vegetable garden can be easy! There are three simple steps you have to follow make sure your plants get enough sunlight, water, and that they have great soil quality! There are creative ways to make sure these aspects of vegetable gardening are taken care of. Getting 6-8 hours of day for your plants can be easy – even if you are in an urban area and have to use a raised bed. Watering is simple, you want to make sure you water appropriately and don’t over or underwater. And as far as soil is concerned, rich soil will equal a successful vegetable garden. We discuss different tips and ideas to make sure you have the highest quality soil possible. And there you have it, starting a garden is simple and easy! Check out the link to our website (as listed at the top of this video description) for all kinds of great information and ideas for vegetable gardening. Happy Gardening!