Growing your own sprouts is cheap, fast, easy and fun. Without specialized equipment, in about 4 days, you can harvest micro living greens in your own kitchen, on a boat, or even while you are camping. All you need are some whole seeds, beans or grains, a container you can easily drain water out of every day and some good fresh water. ITS SOOO EASY. There are many techniques for growing sprouts but I find this method to be most convenient. In this video I demonstrate how I grow small seed sprouts (alfalfa, clover, radish, broccoli) but the technique applies to sprouting beans and grains as well. (Oops, sorry about the typos in the scrolling text) Be sure to ask your local market or health food store for sprouting supplies. THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL NEED #1 A container to grow the sprouts in. For small batches I like to use glass jars. #2 Something to drain out the water from the container without losing the seeds; like cheese cloth & rubber band or a screen lid. #3 Something to allow the jar to sit upside down and drain; like a dishrack or a bowl #4 Whole organic, raw seeds. For a quart size jar you only need 2 tbs. of any small seed like alfalfa, clover, radish or broccoli. Remember they GROW and will fill the jar very quickly. #5 Good clean water STEP #1 SOAK THE SEEDS OVERNIGHT, then drain the water out the next morning or 8-12 hours later. Note: The water may be cloudy… this is normal The soaking releases the enzymes in the seeds that inhibit sprouting. STEP #2 Invert