How's it Growin'? Adventures of a Backyard Gardener Episode 4

Garden Update May 17, 2009. With the help of my husband’s nephew, we were able to get all the weed barrier laid and the boxes finished and 10 of them filled and planted, we were able to lay out the remaining three boxes and hang the trellis we will need for the watermelons, cantelope and runner beans. Next week all we will have to finish is the pole extension for the hanging veggies as well as filling and planting the remaining boxes. My husband also wants to re-do the fencing at the end of the garden, he is not happy with how it came out. So you will see that the tomatoes have taken off and we have lots of blossom and fruit set, we have been having lots of rain here and the forcast is for 1 to 2 inches of rain over the next few days. Everything will get a good drink so hopefully, we will see some seed sproutsbefore long! Thanks for watching!