Introduction to our Homestead

Pic of our Home

Our Missouri Homestead

Id like to first start with an introduction to our place so you get a feel for what we are working with.  We moved here in Apr. 2009 with the intentions of going back to basics and learning the basic homesteading skills to pass on to our children. Since we have six kids, we decided on something with alot of room. The home is 5000sq ft and has a “oversized” two car garage. The house sits on 21 acres and has a pond, 5 horse stall barn, chicken coupe, and about 4 acres of trees. In the pic to your left you will see a covered porch to the right of the house. That has a hot tub and my hammock! Ahhhh, my wonderful hammock. Some of the pics you can see overgrowth and some not so much. Some of these pics were taken today and some while it was winter in Jan.
Our driveway Chicken Coop Horse Barn Front Door View