Keepin' It Green: "Rocks Think" with Jeff Frank of The Nature Lyceum. SAVE SEEDS-GROW FOOD!!!

From the Nature Lyceum website…. “YUA-TAH-HEY- “Walk in Beauty”, a Navajo greeting. We would like to introduce you to The Nature Lyceum, a Not For Profit School for Environmental Horticulture and Irrigation “, home of the Green Guerrilla” in Westhampton, NY. Jeff Frank founded The Nature Lyceum in 1993 and has dedicated his life and school to teaching organic horticulture across America and to spreading the word on the environment. Depending only on donations, he has given seminars and the two-day “Green Guerrilla” classes around the country, in Phoenix AZ, Houston TX, Kent CT, Philadelphia PA, and Westhampton, NY. Jeff shares 40+ years of Organic and Biological and business wisdom. In addition to being a noted author, he also has consulted to Yankee Stadium and hundreds of green Industry companies, golf courses, school systems and wineries across the country. The two-day course in organics offers introductions to organics, soils, microbes, organic turf & tree programs, compost and compost teas, micorrhizae, bio-dynamics, water, organic tree care, biological responses to insect problems, plant health care and people health care taught by top instructors in the green industry. At the end of this course you will be able to teach organics, urban farming, consider alternative methods of treating tree and landscape problems and, at the same time nurture healthier plants at reduced costs and water. Graduates can receive Organic, International Society of Arborists and NYS Dept