Kershaw Beacon, Mystery Solved

I am starting to like this little inexpensive knife more-n-more each day. I bought it because of the price, and didn’t think much of it. Frankly, it’s a STEAL of a deal when purchased onsale at Big 5. I am going to place it somewhat tentatively in the same general league as Spydererco’s less expensive “Byrd” series of knives. (Oh boy, now I have to do a review of the Byrd series, huh?) The blade is 8Cr13Mov steel, about which I am hearing very good things. For a moderately-priced blade steel, it seems to hold up very well. The frame/liner appears to me made of 420 or something similar, and the knife takes most of it’s design queues from the Kershaw Barrage and Gerber Paraframe (or maybe the other way around?) It’s a special model made just for Big 5 Sporting Goods, so you’ll only find it there or on eBAY.