How to be like J.R.R. Tolkien – Or, why Greenhouses matter today.

The author of The Lord of Rings trilogy knew something that modern society is missing out on; he knew how to take joy in the simplest of things. From long walks in the English countryside with his old friends, discussing the deeper things in life and possibly even pondering the languages of Middle Earth. J.R.R. Tolkien knew how to take great joy in planting, and nurturing flowers and vegetables.

He tapped into a universal truth; when you get back to the earth, it practically and metaphysically takes care of you. Not only does it provide you with tasty enjoyment, but it also provides you with incredible joy. There’s nothing like seeing your own little plants start to bloom then grow into beautiful, organic tomatoes or cucumbers. Seriously, it’s quite the feeling and definitely something you don’t want to miss.

Keep reading and we’ll show you EXACTLY how to find your own enjoyment and save some serious money by getting back to the land, no matter how small you’re wanting to start, this is an essential blog post for any Greenhouse newbie.

The state of our world today.

As you well know huge companies like Monsanto basically own the produce supply chain, start to finish. The result of this is far reaching, from the negative effects of GMO foods only being found out recently to the many diseases and lack of nutrition that these types of foods are effecting. It’s not good and bigger and bigger companies aren’t making it better. It’s up to people like you and me to the change that we want to see in this world.

How do you do that? It’s simple, first you must start educating yourself on how to create your own source of food. This isn’t something that’s very easy to get around. Unless you have a reliable organic farmer nearby you should consider starting a garden.

Maybe you’re at a loss on how to do that, no worries. We’ve got you covered. Below are 4 articles that go DEEP into how to start your own garden. Note, we’ve included solutions for those of you who don’t have lots of space. We’ve seen solutions that only use up the equivalent of a tiny city balcony.

Small Start (Baby Green Thumb):

  • Balcony garden

How to start a fairy garden!


Medium Start (Gangly Teenager of a Green Thumb):

All Out (King of all Green Thumbs):