Macka B – Legalize The Herb

Macka B – Legalize The Herb Macka B is a British-born reggae artist, performer and activist with a career spanning almost 30 years in the United Kingdom and Jamaica. He is also a practicing Rastafarian. On leaving school, Macka B became a technical apprentice for Ever Ready GB Ltd, made redundant three years later due to the factory closure. In 1980 completed an engineering inspection course. Macka B has always been interested in music. At school, he played the violin, and also joined the school choir. Whilst at school, he became more interested in Reggae music, especially DJ’s, I-Roy, U-Roy, Prince Jazzbo. He started to practice at home, but never had the courage to perform to an audience. He and some friends started a sound system call “Exodus”, they had good reaction wherever they played, and this encouraged him to write his own lyrics. In 1982, a trip to Jamaica inspired him greatly, improving his talent. He entered a talent competition in 1983 at the Rising Star night club, Bilston, (including Pato Banton, Ranking Ann) Macka B won, and from this, was invited on radio several times, his name became more known. Also at this time, he was in a band called Pre-wax, they did many live shows, and appeared on Channel 4’s Rockers Roadshow. A record entitled Maggie’s Letter was recorded with a producer called Papa P, which became a local success. Derek Nelson, producer of Ebony BBC2 heard Macka B perform on radio, and as they had a show planned for Birmingham, asked him to