Making Your Own Apple Juice

glassofjuice Since we have moved into our new place we are looking at planting our own orchard.  I wanted to get some apple trees, among other fruit. I have seen cases where too many apples results in attracting unwanted wildlife or other obvious issues. I ran across a great article that explains the art of juicing to help save those half bad apples.
“As anyone who has fruit trees knows, a lot of fruit goes to waste. Woodpecker holes, worm holes, bug damage and bruises occur on a considerable portion of the harvest. Imperfect fruit will not last in storage and can ruin other fruit it is stored with. A great way to avoid this waste is to make your own juice.

And the benefits of juicing are not limited to those with fruit trees in their yard or orchard. Just visit a farmer’s market at the close of day on any autumn weekend, or check in with your local produce mart; there’s often a surplus of fruit which may be overripe, bruised or flawed. Or you can visit any farm or orchard and ask to gather windfalls. The eager gleaner can usually come home with a free load of imperfect apples.”
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