Manor Gardens Allotments vs. Olympics 2012

More info: Manor Gardens Allotments are a small green paradise and thriving community hidden away in the East End of London. For nearly 100 years generations of local people have been able to grow their own food and enjoy their leisure in this uniquely secure and peaceful space, which time and the hard work of the plotholders has turned into a place of special beauty. Come the winning of the bid for the so-called ‘green’ Olympics 2012, and it has become just another piece of land to be flattened, community dispersed and its history erased… to be replaced by a concrete path. But campaigners are determined to persuade the authorities that the destruction of this special place would be an unnecessary and tragic loss, and their retention within the Olympic 2012 site would be a tremendous and imaginative asset. First shown on BBC1’s InsideOut on 30 Oct 2006.