Many Parents could care less if there families starve !

In the US parents are so selfish that they could care less if there families starve, they are too busy keeping up with the neighbors to see who has the latest car or gizmo and others would put there tobacco or alcohol l habit ahead of feeding there families. Look what I got for $570 ads to that what I got last year for $200 and a family of 4 could survive for nearly a year! Add $300 more for containers, mylar bags and oxygen absorbers and you have piece of mind for 30 years, That averages out to less than $40 a YEAR !!! Now tell me you cant afford food storage. Even if you paid $20000 for the Freeze dried stuff it would be less than $ 670 a year, less than you spend on cigarettes. I purchaced this dry food from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (mormon) Home Storage Centers : (No I am not a mormon) Don’t forget your emergency supplies at the Ready Store Best Price Guarantee … If you would like to become a ready store affiliate click this link