Market Notes, Russian Wheat, Retail Distribution, Adam Smith We have a strange kind of “distribution” that occurred. Normally distribution takes place as institutions liquidate stock to hapless consumers. This time around individuals have been forced to liquidate stocks to cover expenses leaving institutors to trade among themselves in black boxes and high frequency trading. This asymmetric distributions makes the market extremely vulnerable both to a downward crash and also to an upward intervention. The fundamental news continues to be disastrous. Putting my ears to the rails I am hearing about lawyers getting fired and downsized, bankers unable to write loans, and doctors being overrun by malpractice insurance. I go on to highlight the grain problem in Russia and its relation to personal considerations such as food storage and the price of food. Beyond that the food shortage has implications for the great landmass of Europe(Africa) and the East as well as the Great Sea Empire of the United States. In the US we have key economic obomites bugging out leaving the ship into an economic policy where only dirty dirk Geithner and Bubble Ben remain. I talk about Adam Smiths invisible hand being tied to military projection and the wealth of nations.