Mossberg Survival Kit Adds Needed Options to a Hurricane Survival Kit

Mossberg has recognized that an effective addition to any type of survival kit, whether it be a hurricane survival kit or a general disaster survival kit is a reliable shotgun. While carrying a gun may not be the best option for some, many would agree that having a reliable defensive weapon can keep all types of nasty surprises at bay when you have to police and patrol your own property due to a natural or man-made disaster.

A 12 gauge shotgun offers the power to drop most any type of threatening creature (snakes, alligators, and larger animals, too!). In addition, the 12 gauge shotgun can be loaded with various types of ammunition including buckshot, salt rock, lead slugs, and bean bags – making it a both a lethal and non-lethal weapon. Looking out your back window of your house to see 2 or 3 alligators seeking refuge in your backyard during a flood is enough to want me to keep one handy!

One of the nice features of the Mossberg is the availability of the gun in a black-blue parkerized finish or in a durable Marine coat finish that keeps salt water away. The Mossberg survival kit includes a water proof, re-sealable floating container to keep the weapon clean, dry, and secure.

If you have most of your other hurricane survival kit already put together and are looking for an additional resource should you need it during a survival situation, take a look at the Mossberg Model 500 J.I.C. (Just In Case) survival kit.


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