[Movie] TvP [RED]NaDa's Combo drops

Jetaimemina aka Nada (350) vs Legend_Toss (150) Game played: 25.March.2004, friendly Battle Guide: Terran versus Protoss(pro) Author: iamandragon For money maps: No Difficulty: Intermediate Source: www.starcraft.org visit: www.xbotx.de.vu (maps, trainers, coach.trn’s and original replays to this strategy) visit www.SCTV.de.vu Hi everyone I’ve just finished translating Nada’s TvP guide and I’d like to share it with everyone. This strategy is based on 4 player-regular maps like Lost Temple or Luna where your natural has a gas. Opening There are many TvP openings, but my favourite opening are these two: 1.Block at choke and double factory to make 4 vultures, expand. 2.No block. One barraks one machine shop. 6 marines+1 tank+1 vulture, expand. Both openings are taking advantage of decieving opponent in order to fast expand, which I think is the most important aspect of TvP(fast expand). However, both openings have pros and cons: The first BO when facing a dragoon rush with good micro will always turn out bad. When protoss realize I am getting 4 vulture harass, dual base they can always choose to expand early than me. Usually I have my vultures to show up at their choke and lay mines at their natural. However if the protoss expands when they have 4 dragoons then my BO will not have any advantages. The second opening is more flexible, adapted to both offensive and defense strategies. However against protoss with better micro than me I won’t be able to rush. I usually let them