My Intro

Don’t mind the quietly of the videos. oh and i am disabled so bare with me OK, and i want to thank everyone one on Youtube for posting there videos and also bushcraftonfire. Hello YouTube, I got an e-mail that said I was too young and did not know what I was doing. Well let me explain a little more Due to uncontrollable events I became homeless and Lived on the streets for a few years, wherein I learned Urban Survival. Eating out of the trash and sleeping in the allies and gutters. the first 4 years of witch I had my daughter. I was not able to git into a shelter because I was Labeled a “MAN” and there are no shelters for men with children, finally I did find IHN (Interfaith Hospitality Network) But even living in a shelter then I called it “Sheltered Urban Survival.” After I lost my daughter in court due to my Gender Issues,, I then moved into the woods where for a few years I live in a Tent, Hunted, ECT ….. I called that “Woods Survival” Now there is a Big difference between the types of survival. so I KNOW what I am Doing! My Spelling, Speech, might not be the BEST BUT I know I will Survive! Oh by the way, YOU DO IT!!!!! But I am not going to quarrel with anyone. I will continue to upload, I go Camping 1 or 2 times every month and will be up loading when I can. Thank you.