My Visit to Emergency Essentials

I wms-l500as back in Utah last week and had a chance to finally visit an Emergency Essentials store. It was great! I look through their catalog every time it comes in the mail, but to actually visit the store was a real treat. They had everything that was in their catalog, but it was nice to hold it in my hand. While I was there a grabbed a couple of things we could use, but was easy enough to haul back to Colorado. The main cool toy was the Bucket Opener. These are super handy and cheap. Makes opening and closing food storage buckets a ton easier. They ranged from $1.95 to $14.95 for a full aluminum one that does it all. The plastic ones seemed fairly strong. I opted for the one picked below, they were $4.95 and included a bung opener for our water storage barrels. I bought 10 of them so if anyone in Colorado wants one, let me know and you can save the shipping. I also grabbed a couple other items. I bought the Sportsman Lighter , 8 Emergency Ponchos, and a Portable Toilet kit.
The portable toilet kit is great. You can use a regular 5 gallon bucket and snap this toilet seat setup on it. This gives you a nice portable toilet you can use and easily relocate if needed. I bought this more for camping, but would come in handy in times of emergencies.
This has become my new favorite store! Whenever I am visiting Utah I will be sure to swing in for more essentials.