Organic Farms and Gardens Destroyed by HR 875: The Food Safety Modernization Act. Glenn Beck

Are small farms and gardens going to be against the law? Well if the liberals in congress have their way it will be. This ridiculous law is just one of many that congress is going to push on us to protect us. Well I for one am getting damn tied of losing my freedoms to the government in the name of protecting me. I can protect myself. I dont need the help of the federal government. All that I need is that they stay out of my way. As is stated in this video, this law will only hurt small business. It will just create another layer of federal bureaucracy to further hinder small farms, and small organic farms. While, as is usual for most laws, it will not help us at all, or very little. If I have to die of salmonella to keep my freedoms, then I am willing to die, because like they say, freedom is not free. So if I understand this law correctly, the government will now monitor what you are growing in your own garden, what food you buy at your local grocery store, and even the fruits and vegetables that you buy at your local farmers market, what a joke. This is what is coming to America, total government control of your life, from what you eat, where you go, who you see, where your children go to school, what your children learn at school, etc. etc., I could go on and on. Just what part of total government control would someone not understand? Is this what Americans want? I dont think so, so we had better start acting up or this what we will get. jbranstetter04