Our Ford Tractor

Ford 8N You cant start a homestead without a tractor (At least thats how I explained it to my wife so I could buy one!). I found a killer deal on a Ford 8N tractor. $300!! Needed a little work to get it running right, so I spent an hour tinkering with it. Purs like a cat and smokes like a chimney! OH well, what else can you expect for $300. I havent gotten any implements for it yet. The main thing Ill be looking for is a Bush Hog! That is what I can use to keep the  brush down in the unused fields. A finsihing mower attachment would be good for the main house section. I bought a smaller mower for around the house. Everyone enjoyed riding and driving the tractor for the first time! Here are a few pics of our fun afternoon on the 8N!
Heather first tractor ride Ronnie first tractor ride Heather Maries First drive on a tractor