Our New Homestead

img_3878Here are just a few pics of our new homestead in Colorado. We miss Missouri very much, but are happy to be back in CO.
The Difference:
Missouri was a 21 acre plot with a 5000sqft home.
Colorado is a 3800 sqft. home on a little over 1/3 acre.
The main thing we noticed in Missouri was the inefficient use of space. We didn’t even come close to using the 21 acres. Other than driving around or going for a walk, we never used more than an 1/2 acre. The home was nice, but way too big-even with 6 kids. We actually felt disconnected from each other there. We decided when we moved back to give “urban homesteading” a try. So we looked for something with less acreage. Less property also meant I didn’t need to use an estimator for taxes each year. We were wanting at least a couple acres, but just couldn’t find the right house. We had some friends mention they wanted to sell their home, and after looking I knew it was the one. They were very efficient with the use of space. We have a large garden, playground, berry patch, heated shop, wood burning fireplace, 6 bedrooms, food storage, and craft room for my wife.
Did we ever think we would be in a neighborhood again? NO! But for the price and efficient use of space, we were sold. The price was hard to beat, interest rates were super low-4.5% for fixed 30 years, so we will make this place our new homestead.
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