www.dontpaniconline.com Alan Duncan, the Conservative MP who is supposed to oversee the party’s policy on expenses, claimed £127658 under the second home allowance and almost £4000 on gardening expenses. Alan made his millions in the oil industry before he became an MP working for the decidedly unethical Vitol, a company that dealt with apartheid South Africa, did business with Serbian war criminals and was mixed up in the oil-for-food scandal. Up until a few weeks ago Alan also held a position at Arawak Energy an exploration company owned by Vitol where he earned £35000 for 20 days work a year. Plus I’m sure he earns a fair bit for poncing about on Have I Got News For You. So the fellow’s not short of a bob or two. Fearing that Alan might spend more of our hard earned money, we went down to his home in Rutland and Melton to offer him a free hand with the gardening and to give him a fetching new pound sign garden feature. While there we made some disturbing discoveries. www.dontpaniconline.com Produced by Heydon Prowse Filmed and edited by William Pine with lots of help from Abigail Balfe