Prepper's Pantry: Can Rotator Cabinet

About two months ago, I watched a video by youtuber: landoftheblueflower. She had converted an old dresser into a can rotator that she put behind the sofa in her living room. When I showed it to my husband, and told him that I wanted one, he got busy. We were fortunate enough to run into a cabinet maker who was clearing out some of his odd pieces and we purchased a closet insert from him that was an unused piece from a construction job he had done. My husband disassembled the piece and used it as a starting point for this cabinet. He used 3/8 inch plywood to make shelves and firring strips to make the runners the shelves sit on. The channels are made by using drywall corner that is stapled onto the plywood. He has made the shelves with a 3 1/2 inch drop to facilitate downhill roll. We were able to accomodate four shelves. With the feet, it is approximatley 33 inches tall, it is 18 inches deep and seven feet long. He has faced it on the front with bead board and trimmed it out with half round molding. The back has been left open to accomodate for easy access in the event of can catastrophy. He has placed a door on the “loading end” of the cabinet with a latch. The “unloading end” has been left open, although we have considered putting a door on it. The top has been fitted with a beautiful piece of long pine trimmed out with frame molding and mitered corners. In all, I am thrilled with the result, this is beautiful and practical. Now I am able to free up lots of space in my